Terms of Service

Operator and organizer:

Escape Artist / EnMa Entertainment Manufaktur GmbH

Address: Schmalweg 50, 55252 Mainz Kastel (2nd floor)

Homepage: www.escape-artist.de
Email: info ( at ) escape-artist.de

Telephone: 0162-9391732

Sales tax ID number: DE320535757

1. Scope of the GTC

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all participants who visit the rooms of Escape Artist. By purchasing a ticket / voucher for an event (hereinafter referred to as a game) from Escape Artist or by purchasing a voucher or other item or by signing an agreement on the implementation of a special event, the customer recognizes these General Terms and Conditions as legally binding within the framework of the contractual relationship at.

  1. Bookings, reservations and cancellation

2.1 The ticket purchased by the customer only and exclusively entitles the customer to attend the booked game on the specified date. Other services are not included in the ticket price unless this has been clearly agreed in writing in advance.

2.2 A booked appointment can be rebooked once by private individuals to another appointment up to 7 days before the appointment. Write an email to info@escape-artist.de

If there is no rebooking within 3 days, 100% of the booked admission price must be paid by bank transfer.

Excluded from this regulation are people suffering from Covid-19 who present an official certificate from the health department.

Booked appointments are excluded from revocation, since these are fixed appointments

2.3 When the game begins and the participants do not arrive, the customer's claim to the allocation of the room provided for in the booking expires.

2.4 The commercial resale of Escape Artist vouchers by unauthorized third parties is prohibited without the written consent of Escape Artist.

2.5 The booking process takes place via the booking tool on our website www.escape-artist.de or via email. Telephone bookings in which the guest's name, email address and telephone number are given are regarded as a binding booking.

2.6 By confirming the booking, the participants accept the General Terms and Conditions.

2.7 If the personal details given during the booking process are not correct, Escape Artist cannot carry out the game.

  1. Gift Cards

3.1 The scope of the vouchers only extends to the service listed therein. The price of the voucher includes VAT.

3.2 The voucher is valid for three years from the date of issue stated on the voucher. After that it loses its validity and there is no legal claim against Escape Artist.

3.3 The voucher value cannot be paid out.


  1. Gameplay

4.1 It is imperative that the participants are on site 15 minutes before the start of the game for the purpose of instruction.

4.2 In the case of late arrival, the entire playing time can no longer be granted, since the games take place one after the other. In the event of a long delay, Escape Artist reserves the right not to allow the game to take place.

4.3 Video surveillance is part of the gameplay, this is part of the game and is used by the gamemaster to give the participants game-related information during the game. Video recordings on a storage medium do not take place.

4.4 The door to the room is not locked at any time during the game, so that the player(s) concerned can leave the room in the event of health problems. However, this leads to the game being abandoned for the player. The rest of the group can continue playing.

  1. For whom are the escape games suitable?

5.1 Escape Artist is a game for participants aged 6 to 99 years. Groups of children and youth up to the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the room.

  1. Rules of Conduct for Participants

6.1 The organizer reserves the right to refuse participation to participants who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6.2 Eating and drinking on the premises is not permitted during the game, so that damage to the inventory can be ruled out unless this has been explicitly permitted by the organizer in advance.

6.3 Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building. To smoke, the participants must go outside in front of the door.

6.4 The participants undertake to handle the equipment on the premises with care. If damage occurs during the game, which can be proven to have been caused by the player, the organizer will assert claims for damages.

6.5 Photographs and video recordings are strictly prohibited on the premises due to copyright law.

6.6 The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the rooms

6.7 The use of tools, flashlights, black light lamps, etc. brought along is prohibited in the rooms

  1. Access to the premises

The premises are on the 2nd floor. Unfortunately, there is no elevator.