We provide Team buildings & corporate events in the Wiesbaden and Mainz area. You will get a unique event that will be remembered for a long time by the whole group!

Escape games are perfect for significantly improving communication and collaboration skills within the team.

The following soft skills are trained in our Escape Games:

Communication and delegation of tasks within the team

Fast problem solving

Strengthening of the existing or merger of the new team

Efficient communication within the team

It is exciting to see how the departments are reorganized during the game: roles are reversed, tasks are reshuffled. This creates completely new patterns from which one can benefit for a long time in everyday work.

We would be happy to help you organize your entire summer party or Christmas party, or any other event including catering, bar and entertainment.

Please contact us in advance to book a required and comfortable date and time for your event. Our game master will help you to find the best option for your request.